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Mamonde Ceramide Emulsion 150ml

$18.00 $22.00


An ultra moisturizing emulsion that strengthens the weakened
skin moisture barrier and provides impeccable moisturizing effects.


Powerful Hibiscus Moisture Barrier

Mamonde’s exclusively developed Ceramide PC-104 ingredient and the twice enhanced moisturizing effective ingredients of the hibiscus flower strengthen the skin’s batter to deliver moisture to the deepest layers of the skin.

Intense Double-moisture barrier™

The double moisture barrier technique reinforces the skin’s moisture support to ensure that it retains its deep and comforting moisture over extended periods.

Superior Moisture Barrier from the Foundation

Improves the skin moisture barrier that is easily shattered by fine dust and other harmful environmental factors to create healthy skin that is superior from its very foundation.

Thin and Highly Adhesive Texture

The thin, lightweight texture adheres to your skin and provides abundant moisture without a sticky finish.

What is a “skin moisture barrier”?


무너진 피부 장벽
튼튼한 피부 장벽


The skin moisture barrier is a protective layer on the dead skin layer in the outermost part of our skin. It is a core component that determines the health of our skin.

When our skin moisture barrier is broken, skin becomes prone to drying and sensitivity due to loss of moisture. On the other hand, a strong skin moisture barrier absorbs and retains sufficient moisture, thereby keeping the skin in a healthy state.

In order to achieve healthy skin, it is important to protect the skin moisture barrier that is easily damaged by various environmental factors and external irritants.

Unbreakable Moisture Barrier from Hibiscus


수분을 채우고 피부 장벽을 강화시켜주는 무궁화 인텐스 크림


Stage 1: Strengthens Skin Moisture Barrier Twice enhanced moisturizing effects of hibiscus and Mamonde’s exclusively developed Ceramide PC-104 strengthen the skin moisture barrier

Stage 2: Double-Moisture BarrierTM The Double-Moisture BarrierTM technique hydrates every crevice of the skin from the dead skin cell layer to the granular layer