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Hera Brow Designer Mascara - No. 2 Caramel Brown

$30.00 $36.00
[Innisfree] Pore clearing color mask - with volcanic clusters

Product Volume

Product Volume

15g x 2

Product Description



Watery texture. Neat finish

A new transparent gel texture tinged with color glides over the skin and adds color without caking.

Texture defining

Quickly dries after application to add texture and fix the eyebrows for an all-day-lasting defined look free of smudging.

2 trendy colors

Three colors to match different hair colors, giving a thick coat over the eyebrows for a more natural look.
(NO.2 has fine pearls for a bright look.)


  1. Apply from the innermost corner of the eyebrows toward the outer edge in zigzags and then comb in a desired direction to add texture.
  2. Shape the eyebrows using the BROW DESIGNER AUTO PENCIL and use the BROW DESIGNER POWDER PEN or BROW DESIGNER PACT to fill up the spaces for a perfect brow look.