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Hanyul Moonlight Citron Oil Sheet Mask 24ml * 5

$28.00 $34.00
24ml x 5pc


  • Volume: 120ml
  • 24ml x 5 sheets
  • Naturally fermented citrus fruit that will fill the skin energy and a sheet mask that conveys happiness to the tip of the nose by ‘Yuza skin oil’ that will add healthy shine to dry skin.
  • Natural fermented Citron extract water ™ to fill your skin energy and ‘Citron skin oil’ sheet mask to add a healthy shine to dry skin.
  • Yuza water that will replenish skin energy and Yuza skin oil that will add a healthy shine to dry skin will bring happiness to the tip of your nose Yuza Water & Oil Sheet Mask.
  • Just clean the yuzu skin and cut it straight. Maintain 30 ℃ for 10 days and ferment as it is to obtain natural fermented citron .
  • The key efficacy of the moonlight citron line, which adds energy to weary skin and recharges its vigor, begins here.
  • It is a sheet mask of unique use that mixes two formulations by exploding a pouch containing oil. Feel the double care effect of two different formulations at the first time.

How to Use

  • Fold the bottom portion of citron oil twice.
  • Stretch the folded portion strongly with both hands and push the citron oil toward the sheet.
  • The citrus juice and the oil are mixed well and rub in a circular shape so that they penetrate evenly on the sheet.
  • Remove the sheet and attach it to your face and remove it after 15 ~ 20 minutes.