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Carla Lab Lacto Biome Redshot Ampoule 34mL

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Product Description

The Carla Lab Lacto Biome Redshot Ampoule features the brand’s patented 4FR planta-complex made with four different fermented flowers and roots of plants. The product specifically uses  Pomegranate Flower, Lotus Flower, Plum Blossom, and  Hollyhock to balance the skin’s microbiome. It also features seed oils, niacinamide, and glycerin for overall nourishment. These potent ingredients help hand-in-hand in soothing skin, improving signs of aging, purifying dull skin, moisturizing and brightening skin, and protecting the skin barrier. 

Looking closely, the product contains niacinamide, a great anti-acne ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin, improve skin texture, and minimize enlarged pores. It also strengthens the skin barrier and maintains moisture levels while brightening skin treating post-acne marks, and hyperpigmentation. The Carla Lab Lacto Biome Redshot Ampoule also contains other antioxidants. The product will also leave your skin hydrated and tightened with its glycerin and sodium hyaluronate contents. Lastly, it soothes skin with Lactobacillus Ferment among other plant extracts. This all-in-one ampoule surely targets most skin problems in one bottle.

Soothe that irritated skin. Renew and get rid of that tired and dull-looking face. Replenish skin and boost hydration. Smoothen out those fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Do it with the Carla Lab Lacto Biome Redshot Ampoule. Made gentle with skin’s optimum pH level of 5.5. . It is also lightweight but absorbs quickly, leaving your skin hydrated. Studies show that an hour after application will already normalize skin hydration and barrier, and strengthen it more after  6 hours.

Skin Type

All skin types

Skin Issues

Weakened Skin Barrier, Dehydrated and Dull Skin, Irritated Skin, Aging 

How to use Carla Lab Lacto Biome Balancing Cream

Before the first use, burst Red Shot by firmly pressing the pump. Shake well to mix Red Shot and ampoule base. Take an appropriate amount and apply it to a clean face.

About this item

1. Superabundant Estrogen: Natural estrogen from pomegranate kept fresh in Red Shot & ready to pop out

2. Patented Recipe: 4 diff. plants' flowers&roots fermented in lactobacillus sakei for skin microbiome

3. Low pH Formula: Aimed for an ideal skin balance, pH 5.5(weakly acidic), to keep skin healthy & firm

4. Rich Ingredients, such as chickweed, pumpkin, rosemary, etc., to protect and hydrate your skin

5. Quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy residue, which is perfect for all skin type

fermented skin care



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What are the Benefits of Fermented Skincare?

Benefits of the fermentation

Throughout fermentation, microorganisms break down ingredients into smaller sizes, so your skin can absorb the nourishing ingredients easily.

Some of the natural raw ingredients contain toxic elements that cause skin irritation. The fermentation process makes the skincare product safe and effective by neutralizing these toxic substances.

New amino acids and organic acids are created through fermentation that makes the product more nutritious and effective.

  • Better skin absorption
  • Lower chance of skin irritation
  • Additional nourishing substances
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Ampoule Amount of Estrogen in Red Shot

Pomegranate extract in Red Shot promotes clear and vital skin

- Benefits

• Reinforce/Supply Moisture • Improve Fine Line • Even Skin Tone

• Strengthen The Skin Barrier • Soothe Skin • Youthful Glow

Ampoule Amount of Estrogen in Red Shot

4 Flowers + Roots planta-complex

Fundamental Beauty of Skin from Natural Ingredients

Powerful Double Action

How to Use

CARLA LAB Ampoule 2
CARLA LAB ampoule 3

Step 1.

Before the first time use, burst the Red Shot by firmly pressing the pump.

Step 2.

Shake well to mix the Red Shot and the ampoule base.

Step 3.

Appy on the clean skin.

CARLA LAB Lacto Biome Skin Care Routine

CARLA LAB Lacto Biome Skin Care Routine