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BaruLab Barusol Expert Velvet Serum BB Cream 30ml

$33.00 $34.00


Standard BB creams should integrate seamlessly with the skin and provide a bright complexion. But Barulab takes it a step beyond.  

The Vevlt Serum BB Cream not only provides glowly, velvety cover, but also helps nourish and mend the skin while acting as a shield against external pollutants. The waterproof formula sits lightly on the skin and doesn't cause dryness or clog the pores.  

Formulated with a pink base that won't cause skin depigmentation or darken the skin over time for a naturally youthful appearance. It also contains 7 botanical ingredients that brighten, firm and protect the skin from external toxins and UV rays.

Made with all EWG green grade ingredients, the Expert BB Cream offers gentle coverage that won't irritate sensitive skin, and its moisturizing formula keeps skin looking supple and smooth all day long.

 - 7-in-1 formula: deep cleansing, moisturizing, tightening, exfoliating, pore care, sebum control, skin firming

- Contains French black clay, Jeju Island volcanic ash, black charcoal

- BARULAB patented plant-based sheet

- Absorbs sebum and skin impurities

- Brightens skin and tightens pores

- Tested safe for sensitive skin


How To Use

Recommended for oily/acne-prone skin

Recommended for weekly use

Oily Skin: Leave on for 30-40 minutes until the mask fully dries

Dry Skin: Use for 20-25 minutes until 60%~70% dry



- Bentonite (Black Clay): Excess sebum control

- Volcanic ash: Absorbs skin impurities

- Active Charcoal: Softens skin

- Kaolin: Skin Exfoliation