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Aritaum Mono Eyes (17') G20 1.2g

$11.00 $14.00

Product Description

The Aritaum Mono Eyes provide a trendy color palette to keep up with the times. It’s available in mono eyeshadow containers giving you the freedom to choose the exact colors that you want. Users are loving the highly pigmented eyeshadow Aritaum offers because it’s comparable to known high-end brands. It also offers a fine texture or fine powder that users love because it adheres to the skin easily making them last throughout the day. It gives you a bright, vivid, and natural look.

At present, the Aritaum mono eyes are available in three formulations - matte offering a natural look, shimmer with a glow binder that gives vivid colors yet a natural look, and glitter with a pearl pigment in vivid colors. It’s also soft and lightweight and doesn’t leave an oily feeling. The product comes in a mono eyeshadow packaging with a round-shaped black frame and a transparent acrylic that lets you peek at the actual color of the eyeshadow. It’s also air-tight and locks with a click. What’s good about this product is that it has great features but comes at an affordable price.

Skin Type

All Skin Types 

Skin Issues


How to use Aritaum Mono Eyes 

Using your finger or a brush, apply the desired amount onto the eyelids and blend. You may mix with other shadow colors for gradation or a bolder look.


Aritaum Mono Eyes (17') 1.2g