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Hanskin Calming First Essence 200ml



Houttuynia cordata extract 97.5% moisturizing Boosting Essence!

Clean the skin by wiping along the skin texture Apply it on a cotton pad and follow the skin texture to wipe off the remaining feeling and organize the skin texture.

Moisturize the first step, then reapply several times for moisturizing layering Reapply several times to build up moisture layer by layer for clear and transparent skin care

Use it when your skin is irritated Soak a cotton pad and use it as a pack to soothe skin irritated by harmful environments such as forehead and cheeks.

How to use

STEP1 In the first step after cleansing, apply lightly according to the skin texture. Tap to absorb. STEP2 If you reapply 2-3 times, you can feel more moisturization.


Wild wheat extract (97.5%), 1.2-hexanediol, butylene glycol, carbomer, tromethamine, Niacinamide, cacao extract, dextrin