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IOPE Perfect Cover Foundation - No. 23 Natural Beige 35ml

$27.00 $33.00


Super adhesive cover foundation that protects skin from harmful environment and smoothly covers blemishes.

  1. 1

Cover skin blemishes perfectly

A plate-like powder coated with a skin-friendly substance (hydrogenated lecithin), adheres to your skin like your own skin, perfectly covering skin blemishes.

  1. 2

Cover with moisture

Ceramide-coated powder creates a moisturizing barrier and the product contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to keep to mattify outside and to moisturize inside.

  1. 3

Antipollution effect

Oil-absorbing powder and Pollution Shield film, while wearing makeup, protects the skin from UV rays and fine dust surrounding the skin, the cotton bloom ingredient soothes irritated skin.

How To Use

Place Perfect Cover Foundation on hands, and apply evenly onto face.