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Hera Black Cushion SPF 34 / PA++ - No. 17N1 Ivory

$55.00 $60.00

Product Description

Released in 2017, the Hera Black Cushion has been a cult favorite. The cushion blends perfectly with its layerless formula. It blends with a thin layer yet provides seamless full coverage giving you a flawless matte finish. The cushion also stays on you for 24 hours without darkening making you look fresh all day. Not just that, users also swear by its non-caking feature that you can wear throughout the day. 

The Hera Black Cushion provides many shades for Asians calling it the Asian Fit Shade. The brand studied 2,000 Asian skin tones to provide the perfect fit and formula that would flatter Asians the most making it look like it’s their natural skin. This cushion definitely gives users a beautiful natural finish and comfortable wear.

The cushion also prides itself o being transfer-proof. That being said, the brand, through P&K Skin Research Center conducted a study on its transfer-proof feature on face masks with women ages 20 to 40 last January 2021. The cushion has a 94% effectiveness of being transfer-proof to face masks and in the study, 100% of users are satisfied as the cushion doesn’t leave any streak marks from the shape of the mask even when it’s rubbed. The foundation also doesn’t feel cakey when using a mask. Moreso, skin feels soft, matte, fresh, and not dry underneath a face mask.

Skin Type

All skin types

Skin Issues

Redness, Yellowness, Blemishes, Spots, Dark Circles, Enlarged Pores, Oil & Sebum Control

How to use the HERA Black Cushion

Use after sunscreen or a makeup base. Using the puff, take an adequate amount and gently dab onto the skin as your foundation. 

 하단 설명 참조

Cushion foundation that you will be 100% satisfied with, even when wearing a face mask

∙ Makeup remains beautiful when your face mask comes off.

∙ Skin feels matte, fresh and soft under a face mask.

∙ Makeup is not easily removed when it’s rubbed under a face mask.

∙ It does not leave streak marks from face masks.

∙ Makeup does not get cakey when face masks come off.

∙ Skin feels comfortable even when wearing a face mask after putting on makeup.

∙ Skin does not feel dry under the face mask.

*94% effectiveness of foundation not being transferred to a face mask (transfer-proof effect)
Clinical trial results

Test institution: P&K Skin Research Center / Subjects: Adult women aged between 20 and 40 (N=22)
Period: January 18 to 19, 2021



Unique blending & layering with BLACK
“Magnet-fit Pigment Technology”

Unique BLACK coverage technology
that thinly and evenly spreads for enhanced blending

헤라 블랙 쿠션, 블랙 컨실러, 블랙 파운데이션

BLACK synergy for perfect, seamless coverage in a thin layer

The BLACK line features Cover Chemistry, allowing each of its products to draw on the others
to enhance blending and length of wear when used together.
Combinations of the BLACK line offer seamless coverage & color layering
that give a seamless look.


하단 설명 참조


Asian Skin Fit Shade designed exclusively in a formula flatters the natural skin tone the most.

  Light skin Normal skin Healthy skin
Bright skin tone 17C1 *NO. 15 before AD 21C1 / 23C1 *NO. 17 before AD 27C1
Natural skin tone 13N1 / 17N1 *NO. 13 before AD 21N1 / 23N1 *NO. 21 before AD *NO. 23 before AD 25N1 / 27N1 *NO. 25 before AD

*BLACK LINE has the same color system.

하단 설명 참조

HERA Face Makeup Color System developed through a skin tone study of 2,000 Asian women Find the color that flatters your natural skin the most.

Find the best BLACK FOUNDATION & CUSHION shade for your skin.

  • Light skin / Brighter (cool undertone) - 17C1 PETAL IVORY Light skin / Natural (neutral tone) - 13N1 PORCELAIN, 17N1 IVORY
  • Normal skin / Brighter (cool undertone) - 21C1 ROSE VANILLA, 23C1 PINK BEIGE Normal skin / Natural (neutral tone) - 21N1 VANILLA(*Jennie’s color choice*), 23N1 BEIGE Normal skin / More refined (warm undertone) - 21W1 WARM VANILLA, 21W2 FRENCH VANILLA, 23W1 SAND BEIGE
  • Healthy skin / Natural (neutral tone) - 25N1 AMBER, 31N1 TAN, 31N1 TAN Healthy skin / More refined (warm undertone) - 23W1 SAND BEIGE

Shelf Life

36 months from the date of manufacture, 12 months after opening


  1. Keep the inner case closed after use. Leaving the product unclosed may lead to shrinkage of the formula caused by evaporation of moisturizing components and other ingredients beneficial to skin.
  2. If symptoms such as red blotches, swelling, itchiness or irritation appear while using the product and/or when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after use, consult a dermatologist.
  3. Do not use the product on any wounds or areas of irritation.
  4. Precautions for handling and storing the product
    • Keep the product out of the reach of children.
    • Stop using the product if any abnormal symptoms occur.
    • Keep the product at 10–30℃, away from direct sunlight.