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Hanyul Seo Ri Tae Skin refining Cream 50ml

$65.00 $78.00


  • Volume : 50ml
  • Makes skin healthy and younger-looking with the triple effects (tired skin coating + anti-aging skincare + moisture protection) of anthocyanin from black beans and Black bean ferment secretion  obtained by fermenting whole black beans cultivated in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do The soft coating wraps skin closely. Experience the strong life energy of black beans on your skin.
  • The main ingredients of black bean extract was concentrated, and after carefully selected nurtured black beans, black beans and concentrated into Korean law Life ™ recipes
  • Black Bean Life  formula can strengthen fragile skin.
  • Soothe and protect fragile skin, enhance skin energy, anti-aging, creating young and healthy skin.
  • And especially for improving the six kinds of skin problems including lack of skin elasticity, dull, dry, rough skin, dull skin, wrinkles, etc.
  • Soft, can quickly penetrate the skin and a sense of time to maintain skin hydrated.

How to Use

  • In skin care final stage, apply proper amount and evenly to the face and neck, gently massage until absorbed