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Benton Let's Carrot Oil Toner 150ML

$35.00 $42.00


Perfect ratio of skin balance!

Benton’s Let's Carrot Oil Toner contains the perfect ratio of oil-water balance to take care of the skin balance and make a healthy glowing skin. 

A transparent formulation that consists of two layers, an oil phase and a water phase. Moisturize your skin evenly with fine mist that will vitalize all skin types. A slightly acidic toner to create a healthy balanced skin. 

✓ Oily toner for only dry skin?
-> If excessive oil is removed from oily skin, it causes internal dryness of the skin and the skin will produce more oil to compensate. It is okay depending on your skin condition to use this toner for oily skin!
✓ Dermatologically Tested


How To Use

After washing your face, shake this toner. Then, cover the skin thoroughly for 3 seconds after spraying it evenly onto your skin or gently wipe your face with toner on a cotton pad.



Carrot - Nourishment/skin moisture/ Protection/ Conditioning
Beta-Carotene - Skin Conditioning/ Nourishment
Tocopherol - Nourishment/ Skin Moisture